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So what is Psychosexual Therapy?

Or maybe a better question to ask is whether your sex life is a cause of distress or pain?


Psychosexual or Sex therapy, is a talking therapy which looks to  address specific issues related to sex & sexuality.

This therapy is designed to look at the psychological, emotional or social issues that may be causing sexual difficulties; or what is commonly known as a sexual dysfunction.

A sexual dysfunction doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, it simply means that sex is causing distress or concerns for either you or your partner.

Psychosexual therapy offers a space  to explore these issues; offering self-help techniques, practical exercises (to be done at home), sexual education and other tools that help move you towards more satisfying sexual experiences. 


Psychosexual therapy

Human sexuality is complicated and sometimes our bodies don't always do what we would like them to. There are many reasons for this, but Psychosexual therapy can help identify the psychological, emotional factors at play and provide a supportive space in which these can be understood & addressed.

Below is a list of common Psychosexual issues which I have experience working with:

Erectile dysfunction

Rapid Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation


Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Low desire

Arousal Problems

Intimacy Issues

Sexual aversion

Porn Addiction


Sex addiction

Sexual Abuse / Trauma

I have 5 years clinical experience working with the above presentations.The first few sessions will be a consultation to assess the presenting issues and get to know you and your history.

I work with people from all backgrounds & sexual orientations.

If you wish to book a consultation, please get in touch.

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