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I contribute regularly to a variety of media outlets on the subject of sex and relationships. Click on the articles below to find out more.


The world of dating is complicated. How do you know if someone really likes you? When do you know when it’s time to meet their friends? Is it okay to ever double text? Getting to know someone can be overwhelming, now imagine trying to do this with several people.

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Asking a partner about their sexual history can be risky business. You have to ask yourself why you’re curious and whether you really want to know.


The busyness of life can make it difficult to schedule time to see people, including your partner. Between work, seeing your family and friends, and having other priorities, making time to see your significant other can be hard, especially if your schedule clashes. In a new relationship – when you’re still figuring things out – this can be even trickier.


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What do you do if you are introverted and a people pleaser in relationship?  I spoke with the Huff post about these topics based on my experiences in relationship & sex therapy... click on the link below to read more!

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