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The quality of our relationships can determine the quality of our lives

How true is this for you and how satisfied do you feel in your relationship?

Either way relationships can be a source of much joy, but on occasion significant pain in our lives.  The dynamic that each persons to the relationship, the individual and co-created worlds they inhabit can result in a complex array of problems; from miscommunication or conflicts to disappointments and unmet needs/ expectations.

Couple therapy brings these complex dynamics into awareness and provides a safe, supportive and impartial environment where issues can be reflected on and worked through.

Challenges in any intimate relationship are normal; a relationship doesn't need be in crisis or breaking point for you to talk to someone. But when things feel stuck, repeated or perhaps there's been a breakdown in communication or trust, then relationship therapy can help.

A Supportive Therapist

Relationship issues

Relationship therapy can be useful in addressing problems that couples are finding difficult to manage alone. Having someone objective & impartial who can witness your struggles can help provide a containing space where repeated patterns, or reoccurring issues can be understood and managed. Here are some of the issues I work with:

Unresolvable conflicts

Communcation issues

Sexual difficulties


Challenges with intimacy

Decision making

Growing apart

Trust issues

Loss of desire

Managing seperation

Feeling stuck

Managing Stress

If any of the above is impacting you, please get in touch.

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